Sunday, 4 March 2018

How to do WhatsApp update

                               How to do WhatsApp update

Dear WhatsApp users are you don't know how to update your WhatsApp.Then don't worry about that .plese read this article total, and get total information about WhatsApp update. Why we do update WhatsApp because of WhatsApp is the best is social networking app, and we can share our thoughts, texts and videos, photos. And we also make video calls. And the main reason is WhatsApp officers always update new versions in WhatsApp application.that's why we must and should update WhatsApp



please open your" PLAY STORE"
search for WhatsApp
you may see UNINSTALL &UPDATE options
tap update button
after update
you getting update WhatsApp


please open your "APP STORE"
Search for WhatsApp
you may see UNINSTALL &UPDATE options
tap update button
you're WhatsApp updated know


please open your" MICROSOFT APP STORE"
Search for WhatsApp
you may see UNINSTALL &UPDATE options
tap update button
you may get know updated WhatsApp

 How to do WhatsApp update final words:  
I hope you understand what I am saying, please do an update and get more benefits. if like my details and my site please be to share my site with your friends and relations and give bookmark for more details. share your thoughts on my blog in the comment section.
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